Tide and True

“Here in Puget Sound, we have two high tides and two low tides in every 24-hour period. One of the lows will be lower than the other, and that’s the one where we work. So as the moon orbits Earth, it pulls a bulge of water in a circular motion around the planet. And (whether it’s high or low tide—or somewhere in between) depends on where that bulge is. This is all in the tide book. It’s all predicted out for years in advance.”

So explains oyster fisherman Brett Bishop in a Lincoln Now piece that will have you running to happy hour for dollar oysters after work. "The Night Tides" chronicles Brett's development as an oyster fisherman in a family of oyster fishermen, who run Little Skookum Shellfish Growers in Puget Sound.

Like we said, you are now probably trying to figure out where you can get dollar oysters this week. Wherever it is, show up in style in a new Lincoln. Come out to Team Ford Lincoln at 905 Brady Avenue in Steubenville and take a test drive.

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