22-Way Adjustable Seats Let Ergonomics Be Your Guide

Egonomics expert Marc Turina was once a physical therapist, he says, "Then I started to think to myself, 'why am I waiting around for people to get hurt and then trying to fix them?'" He's been helping guide people to make better choices for their bodies ever since.

One area that needs attention is the car seat.

"You're exposed to vibration from the road, and you're also exposed to awkward posture," he says. Combine that with the repetitive movements of driving, and it spells disaster. Yet muscle fatigue and uncomfortable pressure points don't have to be part of the driving experience.

The greatest challenge to finding a comfortable driver's seat is that every person's body is different, and cars are manufactured to fit an average. If you are too tall, or too short, the lumbar support might not hit your back in the right place, and the seat pan may be the wrong length.

Fortunately, the Lincoln MKX features Lincoln's Multi-Contour Seats with 22 points of adjustment, and massage settings, for the most comfortable ride you've ever experienced.

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