Lincoln Uses Psychology and Science of Sound to Make a Better Car

Anthropologists believe that every human culture in history, as far back as our primitive hunter-gatherer days, used music. Before Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, music was a group activity. It brought people together around the campfire, and in the opera house.

Now, we seek to replicate that feeling of live music within our cars.

The Lincoln MKX is the first of the new Lincoln lineup to feature the Revel Ultima sound system. Designed in collaboration between Revel, one of the world's leading audio companies, and Lincoln's design team, Revel Ultima places 19 flawlessly crafted speakers strategically within the cabin, taking advantage of the vehicle's unique architecture.

An engaging audio system is as important as the music itself. After all, psychologists have found that music can cause the brain to release serotonin, improve mental focus, and even reduce perception of pain. In other words, listening to good music while you drive makes you more alert and happy. Good music sounds better with the Revel Ultima from Lincoln.

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