FBF: Sky-High Shots

"These sky-high New York City intersection shots are now Baraty’s most recognizable images. He recently began expanding upon this series by shooting at night. He has plans to carry it even further by taking photos during the different seasons and in other major cities. 'I would love to get on some New York City or Chicago rooftops in the winter to capture snowy intersections from above,' he says."

"He" is Navid Baraty, photographer and subject of the Lincoln Now article we're having flashbacks to this Friday. In it, Navid answers questions like, "What kind of gear do you use to take these amazing intersection shots?" and "What are you most proud of?". Read his responses above.

At Team Ford Lincoln, located at 905 Brady Avenue in Steubenville, we have a very photogenic lineup of new Lincoln models that we'd love to show you. Come take a look at your convenience.

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