Only the Finest Quality Ingredients Make a Meal, and Make a Car

Chef Ian Knaue founded the Farm Cooking School in Stockton, New Jersey. He grew up on a farm, and always had a connection to the food he ate.

When he got away from farm life to move to the big city, he realized how so many people don't understand the ingredients going into the food they make. They buy processed foods, so far removed from the seeds, and the soil, and the farmer's hands that harvested them.

So, he went back to the farm, determined to take as many city-folks with him as he could. At the Farm Cooking School, he teaches people who may never have been on a farm before how to cook wholesome and delicious meals using fresh ingredients -- ingredients that came straight from the farm.

Lincoln vehicles are a bit like a fresh-cooked meal.

When you step into the cabin of a new Lincoln vehicle, you find yourself surrounded by real leather -- including available natural-grain, unembossed leather that preserves the simple beauty of the animal hide -- and real open-pore wood finishes.

Visit Team Lincoln for a test drive.

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