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Ford Makes Mobility Smarter With Ridesharing Service

Ford knows that drivers are always seeking new ways to make their lives more convenient. With such an increase in technology over the past few years, keeping pace is one thing; figuring which direction we're headed in? That's a little tricker.

Following in the footsteps of Uber and Lyft, Ford is working on its own answer to the ridesharing world: Ford Dynamic Shuttle.

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Henry Ford: a Founder of Dreams

Have you ever had a dream—maybe to write a book or open a business or start a catering operation—and shared it with someone close to you only to have them laugh at the idea? It’s hard work being an inventive and creative person, especially if one’s own friends and family don’t get what it means to share your dream with the world.

That was the case for Henry Ford. He really wanted to share his invention, the quadricycle, with the masses. Yet how could he get people interested and willing to pay for a contraption…

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How Ford is Helping this Nonprofit Deliver Life-Saving Medical Supplies

Don’t you love hearing about the good work being done around the world to help those who are less fortunate?

In West Africa, for instance, a nonprofit called Riders for Health transports medical supplies and vaccinations to impoverished areas. Here, people can’t get to a hospital or pharmacy for help, so the help comes to them.

An unusual twist? The drivers ride motorcycles!

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Lincoln Continental Concept Introduces Dynamic Luxury Seating

At Team Ford Lincoln, we believe a luxury driver's seat should make you feel like you're in charge. That’s why our new Lincoln Continental Concept includes thirty adjustable seat options to maximize your driving comfort. Now, your on-the-road journey will feel just as easy-going as your favorite recliner at home. Check out the article below for a detailed description of this exciting new feature from Lincoln Continental Concept.

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